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Have you always loved to travel in the mountains and relax? Engulf in the beauty of what San Juan has to offer and drive your way around through car hire San Juan.

Discover San Juan

It is a place with fertile grounds surrounded by spectacular mountains. The area was named like so because it was founded by Juan Jufre in 1562. An earthquake during the year 1944 totally destroyed the magnificent city so it was rebuilt with monumental wide avenues, earthquake-proof buildings, public places and numerous squares. With car hire San Juan airport, you can drive around on your own and feel the freedom as you explore.

Climate and sights

There are diverse communities and homes in the valley and a true oasis can be found among the barren deserts that have been transformed into fertile lowlands because of the uninterrupted flow from irrigation. During winter, mainly in July and August, the city offers a bewitching spectacle of the snow. A natural transformation that leaves every tourist in awe during spring time too as the snow melts. Every time this phenomenon starts, the water serves as food to the hungry sandy grounds through the rivers of San Juan and Jachal.

Enjoy San Juan with car hire services

San Juan has many beautiful and enchanting sites because of its modern buildings, wide streets and sidewalks. A writer named Arturo Capdevila called Salta as the “City Of Statues” because of the many monuments that have been built in honor of important people like de la Roza, Sarmiento, Fray Justo Santamaría de Oro and Laprida.

When driving through the region using vehicles from hire car San Juan airport, one will instantly be mesmerized by the picturesque view of streams, mountains, and narrow passes, making it a perfect destination for those who want to relax and enjoy nature.

To the west of Salta and a short drive if you rent a car in San Juan airport, one can visit the Rivadavia Fauna Park, Dam de Ullúm, and the Zonda Narrow which will give you the chance to soak up the sun in San Juan’s various camping sites, cottages and different places to engage in water sports.

Combined with the beauty of the many valleys, this province will be most enjoyed by tourists with the help of San Juan airport rental cars.

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