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Have you always been curious by the history of the Incas and other tribes? The city of Salta is the right place for you to feed your mind with some unforgettable knowledge. Salta airport rental cars is here to give you the trip of a lifetime!

Overview of Salta

The city of Salta lies in the Lerma Valley, northwest of the Republic of Argentina. It is bordered by three big countries namely Bolivia, Paraguay and Chile. The location of Salta is considered as one of the fertile and most beautiful sites that nature has bestowed on this region. Located at 1,187 meters above sea level, it can be found at the bottom of Mount San Bernardo and 20 de Febrero. Car hire Salta will give visitors a chance to tour around the city with ease and convenience.

Architecture and history

The city is home to various colonial buildings that date back to the early 18th and 19th centuries. It stands out mainly because of its climatic and geographic discrepancy which can be seen from the coldness of the Andes Mountains, subtropical climate in the jungle and the cool valleys, with rivers and mountains in between. The richness of Salta blends with the locals’ hospitality. It has a vast heritage including the Inca vestiges and the Diaguita-Calchaqui tribes. During the later years, there were a lot of Spanish influences which is evident in its colonial legacy. Some of these features can still be seen through the architecture found in the villages, small towns and in Salta City itself.

Tour around the city with car rentals

A tour in the city using car hire Salta would not be complete without you stopping by the famous St. Francis Church, the Cathedral, and the amazing anthropological and historical museums. In the year 2004, the High Mountain Archaeology Museum was opened to the public for them to understand and appreciate the culture and heritage of the Incas. This museum is situated in the main square and has become a part of the historic center in Salta.

The past and the present

Hire car Salta airport can take you to the popular High Mountain Sanctuary which was first discovered in 1999 near the Llullaillaco Volcano in the Andes Mountains. It has made a name for itself ever since the discovery of three children’s bodies in a perfect state of preservation. Through extensive research, it has been found out that these bodies were sacrificially offered to the Inca gods together with a collection of more than 100 objects. In the museum, one can find that there are a lot of silver and gold statuettes that are being exhibited.

Up to his day, Inca influence is evident in the eating habits and dress styles of the Argentinians. They stand out for their hospitality and serenity, one of the reasons why visitors find themselves going back to this place. Rent a car in Salta airport now and start touring the wonderful city of Salta!

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