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Do you want to travel to a place where you can unwind and relax in the calm rivers and lakes that are surrounded by beautiful mountains and forests? Do you enjoy being in contact with nature, adoring and observing several places that have not been degenerated by mankind’s hands? Car hire Rio Grande will help you cruise around the city with ease and comfort.

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The city of Rio Grande is located in the northern part of the beautiful island of Tierra del Fuego. After, Ushuaia, it is considered as the second city in the province.

Like the many places in Patagonia, sheep rearing is the primary reason for the community settlements ever since the 19th century. This wonderful city is considered as the economic capital of the province and the center for its industry. Ever since its foundation, Rio Grande has always been associated livestock activities, but recently there have been so many advancements with regards to the development of the city when it comes to industry. Rent a car in Rio Grande airport and take a trip to these wonderful destinations.

Sights that you will love

The city is home to abounding rivers, good pastures and sea coasts which are few of the reasons for thesubstantiate increase of population in the region. Rio Grande was founded spontaneously on July 14, 1921. The government of Argentina has passed a decree that acknowledges the area as the agricultural society of Rio Grande. Book car hire Rio Grande in advance so that you can relax while travelling this magnificent city!

At the start of its development, the land was divided among some of the prominent families that own big acreage until the passage of the agrarian reform in the year 1925. During this time, cattle breeding became one of the most valuable economic livelihoods in the region.

Because of a law that promotes industrial development; numerous companies that are immersed in the production of electronic products have established and opened their factories in Rio Grande, providing the city with an industrial backing. Be entertained as you take an expedition in and around the town with the services of hire car Rio Grande airport.

Up to this day, Rio Grande still remains as a bustling and picturesque town where travellers can get the chance to go to several historical and natural sites. If your desire is to go on an adventure, do not dismiss the sitesthat Rio Grande offers visitors with trekking, horseback riding, cycling, fishing, photographic safaris, and even observing sheep shearing. Rio Grande airport rental cars will aid you in accomplishing all of that and more.

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