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Are you planning to go on a trip to Resistencia, Argentina? Whether you are a first time visitor or a frequent traveler, business class or working with a tight budget, car hire Resistencia has the resources will help you have a memorable and pleasant trip.

Overview of the wonderful city

Resistencia is the largest city and the capital of the province of Chaco. It is located northeast of the Republic of Argentina and has a population of almost 380,000 according to the last 2008 census. This metropolitan area is the biggest in Chaco and ranks as the eleventh most populated city in Argentina. The city is an eight-kilometer drive away from the Barranqueras Port and can be easily reached by visitors with the aid of car hire Resistencia airport.

City of Sculptures

The climate in Resistencia is classified as subtropical with a temperature of 33 °C during the summer and 10 °C during the winter. The place is famously known as the “City of Sculptures” because there are a number of in the area. Not only are there sculptures but you can find murals by popular artists from Argentina and this makes the city unique and modern. The architecture is somewhat colonial and dates back to the 18th century yet with a hint of modernity and this makes Resistencia stand out.

Discover nature with cheap car rentals

From the city of Resistencia, visitors can go on amazing tours with hire car Resistencia airport that will take them to the famous car hire Parana River where they can go fishing and try out numerous water sports like skiing, wind surfing, canoeing and kayaking. They can also stop by the San Fernando de Río Negro Abipone Indians Settlement so that they can get a taste of culture and history at the same time. There is also the Villa Paranacito Resort and numerous museums that can help in making the trip more pleasant.

Only a few kilometers away, using rent a car in Resistencia airport, you can also visit the popular Corrientes City and witness the natives as they make their own pottery, baskets, bow, arrows and other leather crafts.

Resistencia is a city that has many activities to offer its visitors. Resistencia airport rental cars will help you in achieving the ultimate trip that you have wanted for so long.

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