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Explore Puerto Madryn with the help of car hire Puerto Madryn airport and bask in all the beauty that this peninsula has to offer.

Gateway to the city

The city of Puerto Madryn instantly amazes tourists when they arrive. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Argentina and it boasts of its magnificent coastal avenue, the busy Almirante Boulevard, a residential area where numerous houses have a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean and the Nuevo Gulf. Never miss on the sights of the city using car hire Puerto Madryn.

The port of Puerto Madryn has very deep waters and it is one of the biggest and the best in Argentina. Puerto Madryn is also an active industrial city that is mainly centralized in the production of aluminum, tourism and fishing.

Go sightseeing with cheap car hire

The city of Puerto Madryn serves as a starting point in order for you to visit the various interesting sites that are unique and one of a kind in the world and some of them have even been declared as World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO. You can travel from one location to another with the aid of hire car Puerto Madryn airport.

Bountiful fauna

First on the list is the Valdes Peninsula where travelers can enjoy boat excursions that allow whale watching. This site is a sea and bird fauna reservation, whose top attraction is the Southern Whale that comes to the coasts sometime during May or December to breed.

To have an organized and hassle-free vacation plan, one can book rent a car in Puerto Madryn airport online and see some packages and discounts. Once you are already in the Peninsula, you will get the opportunity to stroll along the coasts that are populated with sea elephants and sea lions and a great variety of birds as well. In Valdes peninsula, the biggest tourist spot is the Puerto Piramides. It is a cozy, small, and pleasant town that has a lot of lodging facilities and restaurants as well.

Using Puerto Madryn airport rental cars, one can travel to the South of Madryn and go to Punta Tombo Natural Protected Area. This place is an important colony where Magellanic penguins are located. Almost half a million of these adorable animals come every year and they derived their name from Ferdinand Magellan who discovered them during his travels.

Puerto Madryn is a destination that has it all. Come and book a trip now so that you can witness the gifts of Mother Nature first hand.

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