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Formosa, Argentina is a place with a wealthy and vibrant culture. Although it is considered as a quiet place, this does not stop Formosa from attracting tourists to its natural beauty.

Formosa in the past

Considered as the centre of the provincial industry, Formosa lands were originally inhabited by the aboriginals of Toba and Wichi. Spanish sailors used to call the area where the Paraguay River is, as Vuelta Fermosa or Vuelta la Formosa.

Formosa is without a doubt a beautiful city!

The local climate in Formosa is humid and sub–tropical and this makes the place great for vacations. Rent a car in Formosa airport and your vacation will be a lot more relaxing and stress free. It will be an ease for you and your family to travel all around Formosa and see notable sights in the city with car hire Formosa airport. You can see the Cathedral of our Lady of Carmen, House of the Government and Botanic Forest Garden of Torelli. Discover Formosa’s past in Provincial History Museum or enjoy the game in Estadio Centenario or walk around Central Square.

From architecture to nature

Not only is Formosa exceptional with its infrastructures and architectural structures but it also gives importance to nature. Visit different nature spots in Formosa with hire car Formosa airport like fauna reserve of Guaicole, island of Isla de Oro or the shores of the Paraguay River.

More sights to see in Formosa

Culture reflects the beauty of every city and what better ways for you to experience it in Formosa, other than with car hire Formosa. The residents here are described as laid-back and relaxed. Formosa also features art displays, food and local clubs. Check out the Juan Pablo Duffard Museum, the institute of Oscar Albertazzi Arts and culture that have truly been in the hearts of the residents and as well as those who had been to this wonderful place.

The Formosa airport rental cars, available the whole year round will cater to all your needs for a vacation in Formosa.

It is never a wonder why the city’s international tourism is growing. Formosa has been pulling the attention of a lot of tourists and adventure seekers. Be one of them and visit Formosa, Argentina!

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