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In the southeast part of the province of Chubut, beyond the shores of San Jorge Gulf, Comodoro Rivadavia is located. As a concurrent city, it is already adequate to stroll along the streets and the major Costanera Avenue in order for you to get the feel of the feverish pulse created gasoline activity and all the other enclosing industries. Comodoro Rivadavia encompasses the gateway to an appealing tourist spot combined with Rada Tilly, Caleta Olivia which is the established beach in Comodoro, and the farthest one known as Puerto Deseado. These places offer a magnificent view of the ocean and the all-encompassing plateau of Patagonia in the west. Car hire Comodoro Rivadavia gives you an opportunity to explore all of these places.

Strategic location

Comodoro Rivadavia is considered as the most valuable urban and commercial center in this region. Since the year 1907, when oil reserves were discovered in this portion of the San Jorge Gulf, the place has not stopped flourishing until it reached its present population of about 150,000 inhabitants. It holds a strategic advantage as well: it is roughly six hundred kilometers away from the Pacific Ocean which gives form to a substantial currents in the corridors between the oceans found in Chile and Argentina. Car hire Comodoro Rivadavia will help in making your travels more pleasant and hassle-free.

Sights and attractions

The aberration of the shores and the magnificent views of the ocean will surely catch your attention because the beaches in Comodoro Rivadavia integrate sand and boulders that are protected by 60-meter high cliffs over the coves and bays. In the summer season, these beaches become amusing because the typical winds in the area become warmer. Aside from the beach found in Coastanera Avenue, you can also drive to onelike the one three kilometers away which is a preferred choice among the villagers using the services of hire car Comodoro Rivadavia airport.

With the aid of rent a car in Comodoro Rivadavia airport you can also go to other beautiful places that will allow you to practice water activities like fishing. Aside from the petroleum industry, the city is known as a big producer of wool. It is also considered as the ideal place for high quality spider crabs and prawns.

If you are planning to go on a vacation in this splendid city, book Comodoro Rivadavia airport rental cars ahead of time and it will surely grant you an unbeatable trip!

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