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If you are in search of a place for vacation where nature and culture meets then Alto Rio Senguerr might interest you. This little town has a lot of things for tourists. If you wish to see Alto Rio Senguerr car hire Alto Rio Senguerr makes it possible for you. Rent a car in Alto Rio Senguerr airport and upon your arrival, you can collect your car and see Alto Rio.

Location and History

Alto Rio Senguerr is a little town located at the foot of the mountains in the province of Chubut, Argentina. The name was taken from an expedition that resulted to the discovery of the area hence the name meaning “river crossing”.

The town’s first building is in honour of Step Schultz, the first caterer in the area. Some of the other early buildings built in the town include a school, few family houses and a blacksmith. The creation of a post office, larger school buildings, municipal buildings and chalets for teachers who came from far places in 1949 marked the start of progress in the town. As time passed, roads were improved, bridges were built and tourist service centers, hotels, stations and shops were established in the area.


Alto Rio Senguerr’s geographic location contributes greatly to the variety if climate conditions of the place. During winter season, one can expect heavy and harsh snowfalls and the temperature can drop to as low as -25 °C. Summer season in the area, however, is totally different than winter. During summer, the temperature can rise up to 30 °C. This allows one to enjoy the beauty and resources the place offers. The diversity of the town’s geophysical environment lets one enjoy a lot of outdoor activities and see a lot of attractions hence making the area worth visiting.

Points of Interests

Alto Rio Senguerr has many natural sites and cultural attractions that tourists will love to see. The rivers, lakes, canyons, mountains and forests of the town allow one to do a lot outdoor activities.

One of the spots Alto Rio Senguerr is proud of is the beautiful lake La Plata, which attracts a lot of tourists to spend weekend or mini vacation there. La Plata is a glacial lake that stretches up to the Andes. The coldness, purity and transparency of the lake provide a good venue for an array of activities. Rent a car in Alto Rio Senguerr airport so that you do not miss this beautiful body of water.

Through, car hire Alto Rio Senguerr airport you do not have to worry about public transportation. With a rented car, you can go wherever you want and whenever you want in Alto Rio Senguerr.

Hire car Alto Rio Senguerr airport and see the Senguer River --- the river where the town got its name from and the river who gave birth to the beautiful community. Senguer River starts at Lake Fontana and flows to the department of Sarmiento Colhue Huapi Lake. The river offers a lot of leisure activities like fishing.

Start planning your vacation to Alto Rio Senguerr now. There is no need about transportation in the town for with Alto Rio Senguerr airport rental cars, you can enjoy the beauty of Alto Rio Senguerr in luxury, style and of course, comfort.

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