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Angola has been on the maps of the world since the Middle Ages. Located to the Atlantic Sea, the first human that lived inside Angola is the Khoisan tribes before they were chased away by the Bantu people. The arrival of the Portuguese in the early 15th century is what marks the turning point of Angolan history.

Rent A Car In Luanda And Travel With Ease

The arrivals of the Portuguese greatly increase the pace of the development of Angola. Thanks to them, a lot of buildings were constructed and a port was built for exchange of goods. One of the landmarks during that time is the Fortaleza de Sao Miguel. It is an administrative building that oversees the whole development in Luanda. It also administer nearby cities like Uige, Kibal and Soyo. It is located near to the port so if you use the car rental in Luanda, it will be pretty easy to travel between these two places.

Getting Into Luanda

No other means of transport that can travel as fast as the airlines, especially if you come from outside the country. All tourists need a visa to enter Luanda so you must apply for them first before planning for a vacation here. Angola’s International Airport is located just 5 minutes from the city centre of Luanda so a lot of public transports to the city can be found. Those who hire a car in Luanda by using our service can pick up their cars from the airport.

Lovely Places in Luanda

Luanda can be categorized as coastal lowland. It has beautiful beaches which is great for kids to play around and adults to relax. The most popular beach in Luanda will be the Benguela Beaches which has a laid-back atmosphere and complete beach facilities. While you are there, you can also have an authentic Benguela city trip where you will visit the many parks and monuments around the city. From Benguela, you can choose to travel to other cities like Docota and Cavaco or opt to go back to Luanda.

The Best Car For Hire In Luanda

The best car for rent in Luanda will be the car that consume less fuel and comfy enough for the travellers. You will travel a lot in Luanda because the attractions are scattered all over the place. If you travel in a group of four or five, you may need to consider an MPV to bring your luggage and souvenirs. Smaller groups of people can try to save more and rent a compact car instead. Car for rent in Luanda is abundant, so use the service provided in our website to make the choosing process faster.

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