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Algeria is an Arab country located inside North Africa. Some of its neighbouring countries are Morocco, Niger, and Mali. It is the largest country inside Africa after the separation of South Sudan from Sudan and it is surely a great place to come visit. A lot of interesting places can be seen here and one of them is Oran.

Rent A Car In Oran And Do Beach Trips!

Oran is the biggest city after Algiers and it is such a popular city among Algerians. It is also popular among international and local tourists that it has been dubbed as the second Paris by the Algerians. The beaches here are splendid for group trips because they are large and spacious. Some of the known beaches here are Madagh Beach, Cap Blanc, and BomoPlage. If you travel in groups, find car for hire in Oran to make group travelling easier.

Know More About Oran

As a port city, you can expect to see trading ships sailing on the seas of Oran. It features a semi-arid climate where you can expect wet winters and hot summers. The hottest time will be during the middle of the year from June to September so those who are not fond of hot places should go deeper into the country. While travelling, try to tune in to the local radio station where you can hear the famous folk music here known as Rai. Started in the 1930s, this music genre has become the heartbeat of the people here.

Oran And Its Attractions

Aside from the beaches, Oran has a lot of other attractions inside its territory. Those who would love to know the history of this place can pay a visit to the city centre. The municipal council here still retain the many old and historic buildings around Oran’s city centre so that tourists can come and marvel at their beauty. The museum and the municipal gardens are also top tourism spots for travellers. If you cannot get what you wanted in Oran, you can always hire a car in Oran and go to the nearby cities. Some of the cities worth seeing are Wahran, Ain Beida, Abba Bou and Mostaganem.

Finding Cheap Car For Rent In Oran

If you are planning to come to Oran this holiday, transportation will be your top priority. Thanks to car rental in Oran, you can just book cars online with affordable prices. By renting a car from a trusted car hire company, the quality of service will be guaranteed and you can drive around Oran without any problem and hassle.

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