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Algeria is a hidden gem among the other popular countries inside the Africa continent like Egypt, Seychelles and South Africa. If you fancy a thrilling adventure inside Africa, you must try to spend your holiday inside Algeria where pleasant surprises await!

Explore And Rent A Car In Annaba

Annaba is one of the many beautiful cities inside Algeria. It may not have a lot of modern buildings like Algiers and Oran but it is still a magnificent place to spend some time for your holiday. Annaba is located near to the Seybouse River which runs about 120 miles. The river starts from Guelma and ends inside Annaba. Without the river, Annaba will never be able to prosper and develop as it is today. If you are interested to see the river and enjoy the surrounding views, just hire a car in Annaba which is the best place to start your road trip.

The Hippo Regius

Annaba is also known as Hippo Regius during the ancient times. This is because Annaba is a major city of the Romans in Africa and the home of a famous philosopher Augustine of Hippo. The city took the name of the philosopher as its name before it was changed to Annaba in the modern day. There are not many historic sites left from the Roman Era because of the war and natural disasters. Perhaps the only one left is the Church of Saint-Augustine of Hippo located on the hills of Annaba downtown which is reachable by car.

Beaches, Sands and Coconut Trees

Aside from the history, Annaba is also known for its beautiful coastal lines. The beaches are a great place for you to unwind and relax. The most popular beach around is the Chappui beach. It is not only known for its pristine beaches but also for its scrumptious seafood and lively entertainment. Car for rent in Annaba is always available for your trip to go to these places.

Cheap car rental in Annaba

As like Batna, Setif and other cities inside Algeria, it is not hard to find car for hire in Annaba. It is best that you book your car online through our website as it is easier and less time consuming. There are tonnes of cars to choose from in the website so decide which cars to hire wisely and take consideration of the budget that you have for your holiday. We await your arrival to the city of Annaba with open arms.

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