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Algiers is the largest city inside Algeria. As a capital city for the country, modern looking buildings can be seen all over the place and the same can be said of the old ones. In Algiers, these old and historic structures will be the place to spend your time at.

Travel With Car For Hire In Algiers

Algiers is located at the better part of Algeria where the seas are a welcoming sight for travellers. An international flight into Algiers will land at Houari Boumediene Airport and it is a high-tech airport that is able to cater to around 6 million passengers per year. This airport also handles flights to other cities inside Algeria like Oran, Constantine, Skikda and Tlemcen. If you do not prefer the airlines to travel to other cities, you can rent a car in Algiers through our website and visit neighbouring places which includes Timizart and Medea.

Algiers and the Casbah

Citadels or Casbah in Arabic is a fortress that protects a town from invaders and natural disaster like sandstorms. Casbahs can be seen a lot in Africa and Middle East countries where sandstorms are common. The Casbah in Algiers is known as the tourist favourite because of its history and location. It was built in the early 17th century facing the sea and divided into two sections, the High and the Low city. Inside the Casbah, many mosques were built that are still operating today. Some of the highlights are El Kebir Mosque and El Djedid Mosque.

Fallen Heroes Of Algeria

The Algerian war of independence from the year 1954 to 1962 is an important history for the country. It is the time where Algeria is finally decolonized from France but it comes with a great price where many soldiers died for the country. The Martyrs Memorial was then built to remember the fallen Algerians in the war. It is easy to recognize the memorial from afar because of its unique structure that looks like three standing palm-leaves that shelter something beneath. There are also statues of soldiers around the buildings. If you hire a car in Algiers, you can get to this place easily from the city centre.

Efficient Car Rental In Algiers

Finding a car rental in Algiers can be hard if you do not know the place. Thanks to the technology, you can now book your cars online. You do not need to know where we are located but can still use our service. Compare car for rent in Algiers and you can pick the one you wanted based on your budget and liking. By having a car, your vacation in Algiers will be a better one.

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