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Algeria is a country in Africa that is located in the Maghreb region along with other countries such as Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, and Mauritania. The capital city of the country is Algiers, from where the name of the country was derived. Algeria is the tenth largest country in the world in terms of land area, and is the 34th largest in terms of population, with a population of almost 40 million. The official language of Algeria is Arabic.

Book for a Car for Hire in Algeria and Visit the Capital City

Algiers is the largest city in Algeria as well as its capital city. It is sometimes called El-Bedjha, or Algiers the White, due to the tall white buildings seen rising from the sea. Just like any other old cities, Algiers has a modern city and an old city, built on a hill. Book for car rental in Algeria and explore the city. A quick drive around the city would show you all the interesting buildings in the city, such as the New Mosque , the Great Mosque, the Martyrs’ Square, and the Notre Dame d’Afrique, one of the remnants of French rule in Algeria.

Experience a French Vacation in Setif

Setif is the capital of Setif Province, and is the second most important province after Algiers. The city is also located on a high place, making it the coldest city in Algeria. Along with the cold climate, the streets of Setif are lined with trees, giving off a European ambiance. Book a car for rent in Algeria and enjoy the city. One of the places that you can visit in Setif is the amusement park located inside the zoo. Not only would you get to enjoy the sights in the zoo, you’ll also get to enjoy the rides and other facilities in the park.

The Port City of Oran

Hire a Car in Algeria and visit the port city of Oran. As one of the most important ports in the country, Oran contributes much to the economy of Algeria, making it one of the largest cities in the country. It is also a major commercial, educational, and industrial centre. The city’s symbol is the Lions of Atlas. The city is a fusion of the old and the modern, so you’ll see some amazing architectural pieces while strolling around Oran.

Rent a Car in Algeria and Have a Blast

Algeria is a majestic country that you should visit. Its colonial experience can be seen in the fusion of influences and culture in the country. Explore the country, learn more about its history and culture and have a relaxing and refreshing vacation in Algeria.

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