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Albania is one of the countries located on the vast lands of Europe. It is a really peaceful country where you can have a lot of fun time by spending a holiday here.

Hire A Car In Tirana And Go Sightseeing

Albania which is formally known as the Republic of Albania is also known as ‘The Land of the Illyrians’. This is because most of the Albanians come from the Illyrian tribe. The landscape views in Albania are simply breath-taking. The best place to view Tirana is at the surrounding hills of Mount Dajt. However, it is locate quite far from the city centre. Another good place to view the city is from the Sky Tower that is located at the heart of the city. The beauty of Tirana multiplies during the night so make sure you do a night visit to the Sky Tower.

Tirana, The Capital of Albania

Tirana is one of the many municipals or cities inside Albania. It has been selected as the capital city for Albania and it is an old city with a long history of tradition. Tirana would be the perfect place for you to start an enjoyable vacation in Albania. It is also located nearby a lot of other popular cities like Paskuqan, Kashar, Vaqarr and Dajt. To make sure that you have a buttery smooth ride, rent a car in Tirana as it is a lot more convenient and cheaper to travel around. Car for rent in Tirana is known for their five-star quality and great customer service.

History Behind Tirana

The area around Tirana has been explored as early as the Palaeolithic times. This is because the soil here prospered with abundance of food supplies from fruits in the forest and fishes from nearby lakes. The highlight of Tirana is during the Ottomans’ Rule in the early 15th century. During that time, a lot of religious buildings were constructed. Even though they are built for religious purposes, the architecture styles of these buildings are really picturesque. That is what makes Tirana a great place to visit in Albania. One of the famous ones is the Et’hem Bey Mosque in Petrela. Some other historic attractions that you can see here are Skanderbeg Square, Tirana Castle and Tabak Bridge.

Affordable Car Rental in Tirana

Getting a rental car in Tirana is pretty easy. You can always book your car online and skip all the hassle of booking at the counter. You can also book the best cars for your trip. Compare the many car for hire in Tirana at our website and you will not only get the best cars, you can also save more money that can be spent on other things for your travel.

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