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Albania is a country that will not disappoint you because it has an abundance of attractions and activities that you can indulge in. You will find scenic cities and towns that still preserve the Ottoman influence, excellent views and scenes of mountains, and historical sites worth visiting. With a plethora of attractions and sights it may become hard for you to see and do all that the country has to offer. But by using the car rental in Albania you will be able to enjoy the best of the country and you will not miss anything.

Love history? Then hire a car in Albania to visit the city of Butrint

Located in the southwest, the city of Butrint had been a well known port from the early days of Hellenistic times until the end of days of the Ottoman Empire. Called Buthrotum many years ago, it now draws tourists and history buffs all year around. You will find numerous archaeological and historical sites that include the Sanctuary of Asclepius, the god of medicine. It has been wonderfully preserved and still has the theatre, a hostel to accommodate the pilgrims and also the Stoa, a traditional staircase used in the sanctuary. All the archaeological finds and sites are now incorporated into the Butrint national park to protect and save the sites. Admission to the park will cost 700 Leke, and you can also find tourist guides at the ticket office.

Nightlife in Albania

For those who like to party at night, Albania is perfect for you. Upon your arrival in Albania, there will be a multitude of things that you can do, as almost all the cities of Albania feature a vibrant nightlife. But it is the city of Tirana that offers the best place for partying at night. It features many nightclubs and bars where you can mingle with the locals and have a wonderful time. Among the many bars and clubs found in the city, you can visit the Living Room Bar, Lollipop club, Mumja Bar, and Big Ben. You must also know that there are a number of cinemas found in the city and across the country. They are run by the Millennium company, and they screen both international and local films. Rent a car in Albania so that you can easily move around at night and spend time in bars and clubs without worrying about transport back to your hotel.

Karavastaja, an Ornithologist delight

You can find wonderful bird species in the country when you visit the coastal lagoon of Karavastaja. Here you will be able to get a chance to see spotted eagles, herons, spoonbills, dalmatian pelican, and many other species. Later you can grab a bite at one of the many restaurants that offer scrumptious local dishes. The most prominent restaurant here is Alfa-Yur which is famous for a chef who serves food while performing acrobatic acts while riding a horse.

Why you should use a car for hire in Albania

When you are on your trip you will not want to worry about missing the last bus or train back to your hotel, when you are visiting far off attractions and sights. A wonderful holiday means that you should be able to enjoy the attractions and the numerous sights at your own pace and convenience. This will only be possible if you have a car for rent in Albania.

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