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Cologne stands to be one of the most important and large European Metropolitan city. Located on both sides of the River Rhine, Cologne is the fourth biggest and highest populated city of Germany. The city is served by Cologne Bonn Konrad Adenauer airport which is located at a distance of 14.8 Km from the city of Cologne. The International airport teems with passengers all round the year. Irrespective of the nature of your visit, you can rent a car in Cologne airport to tour the main city.

Cologne- History

The city of Colonia, present day Cologne, was founded by the Romans in 50 AD. Under the Roman Empire, the city flourished and became a major trade centre of the Rhine region. In 459, the reigns of the city passed in to the hands of the Franks. The treaty of Laneville, made in 1801, robbed Cologne of its free territory and included the left bank of Rhine with the French Empire. In 1815, it was made a part of the King of Prussia. With the Germans taking control of the city, it was one of the few towns that prospered under the German rule. During the First World War, the city was occupied by the British army till 1926. Devastation of the city took place in the Second World War, being the German Military head, the city was carpeted with bombardments from the allied forces.

Things to do in Cologne

Cologne has been known for its rich cultural heritage. The monumental buildings of the city have a medieval Roman style of architecture. The oldest city hall of the country lies in Cologne. Twelve churches that date back to the Romanian period still stand tall with their grandeur. Museums with Roman and pre war German art and architecture will interest you a lot.

Cologne Airport Rental Cars

If you have kids with you then make a booking to car hire Cologne and make a trip to the Cologne Carnival. Hire car Cologne airport will ensure that you do not miss these places of importance.

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